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Let's Connect

Let's Connect - Ariane Delarue Lingerie


My name is Ariane, I am the founder and designer of Ariane Delarue.

I am french, 36 years old Gemini and I live in Barcelona since 2018 with my husband and two kids. It’s a pleasure to start 2024 by your side.

Merci for being here!

My new resolution of the year it to have a closest relationship with you.

I would love to take you more behind the scenes of Ariane Delarue and share my latest thoughts and inspiration with you through a monthly letter.

For this very first edition, let’s delve into my background.

I studied 8 years in Fashion Design and Pattern Making : I got my first fashion design degree at the ESAA DUPERRÉ and my second degree as pattern and toile making at the Syndicale School of Couture in Paris. This second degree was a professional apprenticeship, so I was trained 3 days a week at ETAM Lingerie as assistant Modelist. This was my first step in the lingerie world and I loved it very much. I learned from the best Haute Couture teachers how to craft a garment from scratch, create the pattern, toile and prototypes. I loved it a lot but I was missing the creativity that designing gives you.

I therefore applied at the London College of Fashion and I got taken in the Fashion Design Womenswear section.

I lived 8 Years in London and I love this city so much! I had the chance to work as print designer for Alexander McQueen first as an intern and then as freelancer. Printmaking captured my heart, and this year, I'm infusing it into Ariane Delarue designs.

My career path includes roles as a print and jersey designer for various brands, from Haute Couture Houses to High Streets suppliers.

Post-marriage, my husband and I embarked on a 7-month backpacking honeymoon across South America, an experience that shaped and inspired me. It was during this adventure that I learned to speak Spanish.

After returning, we chose Barcelona as our home, closer to family than London. It was the perfect time to launch Ariane Delarue, a brand dedicated to creating timeless lingerie that celebrates women's femininity without compromising comfort.

I'm passionate about crafting versatile pieces that strike the perfect balance between comfort, elegance, and sensuality – pieces that can be worn as beautifully in than out.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!