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I am excited to share with you the celebration of International Women’s Day. As we honor this day, I want to acknowledge the remarkable women who have been instrumental in the success of my eponymous brand. They have all contributed to our shared goal of empowering and uplifting women, and I am grateful to work alongside such a global sisterhood.

Join me in discovering their stories and how they have helped Ariane Delarue flourish.

Mercy, The Visual Corner


When I started my brand, Ariane Delarue, I knew that the visual identity would be key in establishing my brand’s image. That’s why I was fortunate to have the talented Mercy by my side, who has played an integral role in creating my brand identity and imagery. She started by designing my logo and website, and has continued to contribute as artistic director in all of my photoshoots.

I cannot express enough gratitude for Mercy’s expertise and guidance. She has a keen eye for detail and ensures that every image of my brand aligns with my brand philosophy. Her professionalism and passion for her craft are evident in every aspect of her work, and I am fortunate to have her as a collaborator. Thanks to her contributions, I am confident that my brand is visually captivating and true to its core values.

Miriam, Miriam Nuñez photography

Miriam has been an invaluable part of my journey in establishing as a brand. She started as the photographer for my first ever photoshoot, and has continued to work with me ever since.

Miriam’s exceptional talent as a photographer is evident in the stunning images she creates. But it’s not just her technical skills that make her an asset; it’s the way she makes me feel during the shoots. Her ability to put me at ease and help me feel confident in front of the camera is unparalleled, and it translates into the images that we capture.

I am grateful for Miriam’s continued partnership, as I know that my designs are always presented at their best thanks to her impeccable eye for photography. Her dedication to her craft and attention to detail make her a true professional, and I feel fortunate to work alongside her.


I am also extremely grateful for my amazing models – Katy, Marine, Julia, Evgenia, and Valentina – who have presented my creations with professionalism and elegance. These women have not only helped me showcase my brand in the best possible light, but they have also been an inspiration to me as a female entrepreneur. Models play a crucial role in bringing a brand’s creations to life during a photoshoot. 

Not only do they embody the spirit and style of the garments, but they also use their physicality to showcase them in the best possible light. Models use their skills and expertise to strike poses that accentuate the lines, colors, and textures of the clothing. They work tirelessly to ensure that the clothes fit perfectly and that every detail is highlighted. They also bring their own unique personality and flair to the photoshoot, infusing each image with energy and emotion. In this way, these women have helped me creating a compelling visual story that captivates the audience and showcases my brand’s vision.





To all the women who have contributed to the success of Ariane Delarue – whether it be through modeling, designing, photographing or simply being a source of inspiration – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to many more years of flourishing as a brand and empowering women everywhere.